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Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez is a proud veteran who served honorably in the United States Marine Corps and Army National Guard. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Criminal Psychology and his Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling from Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia. He is also a Life Coach certified by the International Association of Professions Career College. Alex has over 20 years of service to people and our local communities, from serving in the military, church ministry, mental health, public service, family and child advocacy, and with non-profit organizations. He has 5 years of working specifically in case of management, connecting his clients with resources, training, teaching, life coaching, and helping them feel empowered so they can succeed in life. Alex believes that having an excellent support system and access to services is key for our WorkFaith clients to be able to reach their full potential and purpose in life that God has for them.

Lois Jackson

Lois has over 35 years of professional experience. She has held various positions with the United States Postal Service as a Buyer and Safety Specialist, along with Exxon Pipeline, and Gracewood, a Christian nonprofit organization. She has also run a successful life coaching and event planning business, where she helped plan major events for corporations, weddings, and social gatherings. She graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Technology, and later earned her Master of Ministry degree in Christian Counseling from Jacksonville Theological Seminary. She believes in helping clients become fully prepared for all facets of career development and has helped individuals at WorkFaith who are in job search, transitioning professionally, and looking to advance their career.

Nate Foote

Nate earned his bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministries from Bob Jones University and has over ten years of experience in ministry as a speaker, coach, and mentor. He has worked with Houston Northwest Church, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Griggs Memorial Baptist Church, and other ministries as a Youth Pastor, Small Groups Coordinator, Young Professionals Minister, and Intern Pastor. In these roles, he gained invaluable experience teaching, developing curriculum, facilitating group sessions, mentoring, counseling, and training volunteer leaders. His ministry experience allowed him to partner with teens and parents to address issues in the home and how to work through them. He also worked in young adult ministry, teaching Biblical principles and life skills to those who are transitioning into adulthood. He utilizes his experience as a leader and coach serving multiple generations from diverse walks of life to assist WorkFaith clients in identifying their goals and taking the necessary steps to achieve them.