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Alejandra Quiroga (Bilingual Coach)

Alejandra has 20+ years’ experience in Workforce Development, received by working at Workforce Solutions, SERJobs, and WorkTexas. Each new setting allowed her to navigate through various challenges and changes in the industry. She has accumulated invaluable experience in her roles which has prepared her to use her expertise in helping others achieve their employment goals. Her extensive knowledge and proficiency provide a solid foundation for her to offer guidance, support, and successful outcomes for those she serves. Further, Alejandra’s experience has enabled her to skillfully tackle any Workforce Development endeavor she has undertaken. She welcomes every opportunity to use her knowledge and skills to take on new challenges. She finds her work most rewarding when she has the privilege of assisting others in developing their employment potential.

Lois Jackson

With 25+ years’ professional experience, Lois is fully equipped to help individuals from all walks of life as they navigate the challenging marketplace. She has held various positions with the United Postal Service working in the areas of Procurement, Safety, and Injury Compensation. She has also worked in the Oil & Gas industry, held leadership positions in numerous nonprofit organizations, as well as owned and operated an event planning business and a successful life coaching practice. Lois graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Technology and later earned her Master of Ministry degree in Christian Counseling from Jacksonville Theological Seminary. Lois uses her gifts of compassion, empathy, organization, and leadership to encourage, fortify, and support her clients throughout their career journeys. She believes in helping clients become fully prepared for all facets of career development from where they are to where they aspire to go. She is a Certified Professional Career Coach and member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Certified Coaches.

Nate Foote

Nate has over ten years of professional experience as a coach, speaker, and mentor. He has worked with Houston Northwest Church, The Met Church, and other ministries in various leadership roles. Throughout his time in ministry, he coached and trained countless individuals of all ages and walks of life by helping clarify goals, addressing challenges, and providing accountability on the path to success. He graduated from Bob Jones University with a Bachelor of Arts in Youth Ministries and a minor in Art. Nate also loves working with his hands, as he grew up painting houses with his family’s business. Additionally, he has experience in carpentry, landscaping, and warehouse, and knows the value of hard work. He combines his passion for coaching and strong work ethic to help WorkFaith clients reach their goals by upgrading resumes, networking and interviewing skills, time management, and other crucial areas of job search and employment. Nate is a member of the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches.