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Nate Foote
Nate earned his bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministries from Bob Jones University and has over ten years of experience in ministry as a speaker, coach, and mentor. He has worked with Houston Northwest Church, Metropolitan Baptist Church, Griggs Memorial Baptist Church, and other ministries as a Youth Pastor, Small Groups Coordinator, Young Professionals Minister, and Intern Pastor. In these roles, he gained invaluable experience teaching, developing curriculum, facilitating group sessions, mentoring, counseling, and training volunteer leaders. His ministry experience allowed him to partner with teens and parents to address issues in the home and how to work through them. He also worked in young adult ministry, teaching Biblical principles and life skills to those who are transitioning into adulthood. He utilizes his experience as a leader and coach serving multiple generations from diverse walks of life to assist WorkFaith clients in identifying their goals and taking the necessary steps to achieve them.